Challenges in Scaling Up?

Startups run into the same types of challenges when attempting to grow from early-stage startups to growth-stage companies. These problems can mostly be defined as problems of scale. In one way or another, they hit a ceiling on how big they can grow because of organizational, delivery or customer acquisition limitations.

We Have the Solution

The ScaleYourBusiness approach is a new one, aimed at creating explosive growth amongst startups in Europe. The honeycomb method and GSD Pyramid have been created by ScaleYourBusiness’s own Karolin Kruiskamp, and she has already achieved dramatic success implementing it in growth-stage companies.

We address all the issues of scalability by approaching the problem from two sides:

  • The internal organization and key activities that need to be in place;
  • The external customer-facing processes and activities that need to happen in order to enable truly exponential growth.

We use the Business Model Canvas as a means of getting all internal and external stakeholders on the same page in terms of goals and objectives.

The Quick Scan

The ScaleYourBusiness advisors meet with the startup for 3 hours, and within 3 days, deliver a 3-page report identifying the areas where a startup needs development, advice, and/or new tools.

Want to Know More?

Email us at lauren@scaleyourbusiness.nl or karolin@scaleyourbusiness.nl.











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